The India National Platform on Private Sustainability Standards (India PSS Platform) is a national multi-stakeholder forum dedicated to sustainability standards and trade, that generates a national dialogue between the main stakeholder groups on pro-active policy approaches for the PSS ecosystem in India, in addition to conducting in-depth research at various levels and providing support to national capacity-development efforts.

The Platform serves the purpose of facilitating dialogue between core public and private stakeholders on how to maximize the sustainable development benefits and market access opportunities of PSS, whilst addressing potential challenges and cost of PSS implementation, in particular for small-scale producers.
The purposes of the Platform are:

  1. To harmonize the private sustainability standards ecosystem in India;
  2. To foster sustainability across all production, business and trade sectors;
  3. To increase and orchestrate collaborations, activities and investments by stakeholders and public & private partners, leading to increased positive impact on all three dimensions of sustainability, viz., social, environmental, and economic;
  4. To bring in transformative change in the production and consumption patterns in India, especially in MSMEs and common consumer behavior, so as to promote sustainable consumption and production;
  5. To enable the resilience of farmers, smallholders, their communities, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) for access, connection, and competition in Global Value Chains;
  6. To promote sustainable public procurement either through voluntary or private sustainability standards that are in synchronization with the Indian context and/or with international standards;
  7. To develop friendly relations among stakeholders based on respect for the principle of equal rights, cooperation, and consensus, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen decision-making about private sustainability standards.