India PSS Platform

The India National Platform on Private Sustainability Standards is a national multi-stakeholder platform dedicated to study the sustainability standards ecosystem in India and tackle the challenges that arise out of them for the small producers of India. The Platform, established with the support of UNFSS, facilitates dialogue between public and private stakeholders to maximize the sustainable development benefits and market access opportunities, whilst addressing potential challenges in particular for small-scale producers.

The work of the platform under the leadership of Dr. Ravi P. Singh, Secretary-General, QCI, has been appreciated on record by the UN Forum on Sustainability Standards





International Convention on
Sustainable Trade and Standards

17-18 September, 2018
New Delhi, India

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United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS)

is a response to the rapidly expanding environmental/sustainability markets that include a large number of private sector players which are establishing new and diverse standards.

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